2017 XTOPOLY Agency Theme: WWXTD “What Would XTOPOLY Do”

At first blush it may sound cocky. But it’s not at all. In fact, it’s meant to inspire our team to punch above our weight class, and strive to be great. It’s meant to instill pride and energize our clients who want their agency to want to be great. It’s a message to break free from status quo (for us as individuals and as a team), and start marching towards being the agency that when others are stuck they think WWXTD?

We’re not there today. But we will get there.

This theme gives us individually and as a team both a challenge and a goal. The road to achieving the goal won’t be easy, but damnit we have to go for it. No professional team in any sport starts their year wanting to be ‘ok’. Every boxer that walks into the ring thinks he/she is the greatest alive. That’s the mentality. That’s the theme.

XTOPOLY strives to be among the smartest.

We want to be the agency that others look to for inspiration, just as we look to be inspired by others. The question “what would XTOPOLY do?” is one of inspiration. Inspiration to always be striving to be the category leader, learn from others who are in a place we want to be, not be afraid to stand behind what we believe, explore ideas and relationships to continue growing.

In 2017 we will continue our journey to being among the smartest so one day when faced with a digital challenge the question is asked, “What would XTOPOLY do”.

Until then, let’s inspire, seek inspiration, be humble in our efforts, and continuously strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

2017 XTOPOLY Agency Theme: WWXTD “What Would XTOPOLY Do”

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