What is Google Web Designer and the Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Web Designer

What is Google Web Designer and the Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Web Designer

Google’s Web Designer is a hyper-focused tool that is all about the effortless creation and launch of HTML5 rich media ads and static banners. Launched in 2013, Google Web Designer, or GWD, is currently still in Beta and enables advertisers and agencies to quickly and efficiently create immersive HTML5 ad units with just a few clicks through a step-by-step process. It’s like a combination of Photoshop + After Effects that removes many technical hurdles in creating HTML5 rich media ads and enables advertisers and agencies to focus on creative and storytelling. Here are 5 reasons to use Google Web Designer:


First and foremost, it’s free! Being that GWD is still in Beta, it’s available as a free downloadable tool.


Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, the interface is designer and developer friendly. Developers can test their code without leaving a page, and flip between ‘code’ and ‘design’ views, simplifying the debugging process by testing and tracing issues within the platform.


‘Back in my day,’ creating HTML5 rich media ad units for any exchange was met with specific layout requirements, technical requirements, size requirements, and the need for multiple sizes of the same banner ad to account for various screen sizes. With GWD, all of those requirements go out the window. GWD supports ‘fluid’ layouts; select through percentages when setting position styles and the content shifts within the same percentages for any screen size.


Another reason why GWD should be in your ‘digital tool-belt,’ it’s easy for a non-techie to pick up! If you don’t have any experience creating rich media ads, GWD helps by creating a plug and play method to rich media. Beginners can easily drag and drop components such as images, videos, 360 sliders, etc., allowing anyone to create and publish ads.

And, if you’re a designer with no development skills, GWD has a robust set of tools from the rotation tool, pen tool, and a selection of typefaces to choose from. You can quickly turn concepts to full produced HTML5 rich media ads.


  1. When selecting a ‘new project,’ GWD takes you through a series of quick prompts to help make the process easy.
  2. Start by selecting the type of Ad (i.e. banner, expandable, interstitial), or if you’re a techie, select from a list of ‘others’ such as HTML, HTML with Pages, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  3. Next, simply name your ad-unit and select form a pre-defined list of exchanges (i.e. DoubleClick, AdMob, AdWords, or Non-Google Ad),
  4. Define your dimensions
  5. And finally select your Animation Mode.


In short, Google Web Designer is a great tool if you’re looking to develop immersive HTML5 rich media ad units. It’s definitely a resource that anyone in the space should have in their ‘digital tool-belt.’

There are of course a few quirks, but, it’s still in Beta, and judging by the capabilities currently available, it has nowhere else to go, but up!

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Below are video reels of some rich media ads ideated, animated, desgiend and developed by us back in the day (before fancy GWD!). Some award winners like Emirates Airlines, Transformers, and Nissan.

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